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Splitting Aces

Qualifying Tournaments • Mondays, September 6 – 20
Grand Finale Tournament • Monday, September 27

Splitting Aces



Mondays, September 6 – 20
All Club M® members can register for a seat in the qualifying weekly tournaments starting at 3 pm through 7:30 pm. If you reach the final table during a qualifying tournament, you automatically win a seat in the Grand Finale Tournament. Guests can also swipe from 3 pm though 9:30 pm to enter the wild card drawings for another chance at a seat in the Grand Finale Tournament. The top weekly prize is $2,500 Free Blackjack Play! 

Weekly Tournament Prizes
1st $2,500 Free Blackjack Play + Grand Finale Seat
2nd $1,500 Free Blackjack Play + Grand Finale Seat
3rd $1,000 Free Blackjack Play + Grand Finale Seat
4th $750 Free Blackjack Play + Grand Finale Seat
5th $500 Free Blackjack Play + Grand Finale Seat
6th $250 Free Blackjack Play + Grand Finale Seat

Monday, September 27  
Advancing guests battle it out during the final week of the tournament! All guests can swipe their Club M® cards to enter the drawings from 3 pm through 8:45 pm for the remaining wild card seats. The winner of the Grand Finale Tournament goes home with $25,000 cash! 

Grand Finale Prizes
1st $25,000 Cash
2nd $2,000 Cash
3rd $1,500 Cash
4th $1,000 Cash
5th $500 Cash
6th $250 Cash

  • Guests must be Club M® members to participate. Club M membership is free.
  • Guests must be at least 18 years of age and present to win. 
  • All Club M members will be eligible to participate in the weekly tournaments. 
  • Guests will receive one wild card drawing entry for every five tier points earned playing blackjack September 1, 2021 through drawing times.  
  • Guests must swipe their Club M cards at a designated promotional kiosk from 3 pm – 9:30 pm Mondays, September 6, 13, and 20, 2021 and 3 pm – 8:45 pm Monday, September 27, 2021 to receive one free entry and activate their play-based entries for the wild card drawings.  
  • For all rounds, guests must be in their assigned seats at the proper start time. Mystic Lake reserves the right to exclude players arriving late from this tournament without further compensation. No exceptions will be made. 
  • Guests may only qualify once for the Grand Finale Tournament, either via wild card drawing or weekly tournament final table participation. All Grand Finale Tournament qualifiers are eligible to participate in each weekly tournament. If a guest qualifies more than once, a new name will be drawn to fill the qualifying spot.  
  • Winners from previous tournaments must check in at the registration desk in front of the tournament area to be eligible to participate in the Grand Finale Tournament from 6 pm – 6:45 pm September 27, 2021. Unregistered qualifiers will forfeit their seats and wild card participants will be drawn to fill the tournament. 
  • Standard Mystic Lake blackjack rules apply except where changed by tournament rules. 
  • Guests will be assigned seating times, tables and table positions at registration. Guests will be issued a table assignment card that they must present to tournament staff at their assigned tables prior to commencing play for each round. 
  • Guests advancing to semifinal and final rounds will pick up their table assignment cards from tournament staff at the registration desk. The drawings for table assignments and seat positions will be conducted at the tournament desk.  
  • The total number of entrants will determine the number of tables used, number of rounds of play, and number of guests advancing each round. Depending on number of entrants and the stated number of guests that advance from each round, some tables will have more guests than other tables. Tournament staff will make every effort to keep the number of guests per table even, including changing table assignments. 
  • Each guest will receive $1,000 in tournament chips at the beginning of each round. There will be no loaning or trading of chips among guests. Guests will be asked to count down their chips for tournament staff prior to the beginning of play. 
  • All qualifying and semifinal rounds will consist of exactly 12 hands with a countdown given after the 11th hand. All final rounds will consist of 18 hands with a countdown given after the 17th and 13th hands.
  • All non-advancing guests from the qualifying rounds from the qualifying weeks are eligible for the semifinal wild card drawing.  
  • All guests are eligible for the Grand Finale Tournament wild card drawings.  
  • Wild card drawings will be held to balance out the field.  
  • Wild card winners will have five minutes to report to the tournament area to claim their seats. Reporting times are at the discretion of tournament officials. Guests not arriving within the set period of time forfeit their claim to a wild card tournament seat. No exceptions will be made.  
  • Wild card winners will be announced via casino-wide microphone and on selected closed-circuit televisions. Announcements may not be heard in restrooms, restaurants or the hotel.   
  • Guests must bet at least $25 per hand. 
  • All decisions must be made in sequence beginning with the first hand. There will be a marker chip indicating who the first bettor will be. To begin each game, one card will be dealt to each player with the high card determining first base position. The marker chip will be handled by the dealer only. After a bet has been made, the marker chip placement cannot be changed or position challenged. The marker chip will be moved to the next player each hand of play, regardless of the outcome. 
  • Once a bet is made it cannot be changed or touched, except by the dealer to collect or pay. All bets must be placed in the circle in one move. 
  • When a dealer calls for insurance, guests must wave off with their hands if they do not want to take Insurance on their turns. Once a guest waves off or takes Insurance, the decision is final. 
  • Guests may elect to double down on any two cards. Guests may split any same value cards up to three times creating four hands, including Aces. Split Aces automatically receive one card each. Guests may double down for less. Guests may not split for less. Guests may double down after a split. Late surrender is available. 
  • Once a player completes the hand, he/she must wave off the dealer. Once the dealer is waved off the hand is final. 
  • All tournament chips must be separated by denomination and kept in clear view for all guests to see. Guests are not allowed to handle their chips unless placing a bet or collecting a winning bet. 
  • Guests may not use any written or mathematical aids. 
  • Guests must make all decisions in a timely manner determined by tournament staff. 
  • Friendly conversation is permitted but coaching is not allowed by anyone, including, but not limited to, tournament staff, other guests or the audience. 
  • If it is necessary to break a tie at the end of the session the tied guests will each receive $500 in tournament chips and play a tie-breaker round with the number of hands played determined by tournament staff. The marker chip will continue in the order remaining from the last hand of regulation.
  • Guests must have a valid driver’s license or state-issued photo ID and provide a valid Social Security number to win cash and prizes. 
  • All winners of $100 or more must complete a miscellaneous prize claim form/1099 log. 
  • Free blackjack play is not valid for cash and may not be exchanged for any other denomination. 
  • Winners shall be solely responsible for federal, state and local taxes. 
  • Guest participation in this promotion indicates acceptance to permit the use of name and/or likeness in advertising and promotional materials. Failure to agree will result in a forfeit of prizes won. 
  • The following individuals are ineligible to participate: (1) SMSC Members and their immediate family members that reside in the same household; (2) SMSC Gaming Enterprise employees and their immediate family members that reside in the same household; (3) employees of any Gaming Enterprise advertising or printing vendor; and (4) employees of any vendor sponsoring the promotion. 
  • All disputes must be handled at the table at the time of the incident. 
  • Any dispute or situation not covered by the above house rules will be resolved by SMSC Gaming Enterprise management in a manner deemed by them to be the fairest to all concerned, and that decision shall be final and/or binding on all contestants. 
  • SMSC Gaming Enterprise management reserves the right to alter, amend or terminate this promotion at any time without prior notice. All decisions of management are final. 


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