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Before your next visit, we want you to know we’ve made some important changes as part of our enhanced health and safety plan. Here are some of the things you can expect to see during your next stay.

Enhanced hotel health and safety measures include, but are not limited to:

  • Use of high-grade disinfectants to sanitize touchpoints such as doors, handles, TV remotes, tablets, thermostats, light switches, hangers, etc.
  • A dedicated team of associates regularly disinfects high-touch areas in the guestroom corridors.
  • Make-up service for stayovers is unavailable. Towels, bed linens and other items are available upon request.
  • Select non-essential items such as magazines, bed scarves, decorative pillows and extra blankets have been removed from rooms. Disposable cups have replaced glassware.
  • Valet is temporarily closed, but drop-off is available at the hotel entrance.
  • Self-parking is available near the hotel entrance. Shuttle service is available to all hotel guests from the lower hotel parking lot located by The Meadows at Mystic Lake golf course.

We are dedicated to ensuring our resort amenities remain safe. At this time, the pool is temporarily closed.

Everyone’s safety is our top priority. Click here to learn more about our property-wide plan to play it safe.