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House Rules

  • All bets are final after the first card has been dealt.
  • Players are not allowed to touch the cards.
  • Players are responsible for counting their own point totals for their hands.
  • A player must clearly scratch the table felt with his or her hand to receive a hit card.
  • A player must clearly wave his or her hand above the felt to stand on the hand.
  • Dealer must hit soft 17.
  • Players have the option to bet up to one-half of their bets on the insurance line when the dealer’s up card is an Ace.
  • Winning an insurance bet pays 2 to 1.
  • All winning blackjacks are paid 3 to 2.
  • Players may elect to draw additional cards until they break or reach a hard or soft total of 21.
  • On designated tables, players may split any pair up to three times.
  • Players splitting Aces may receive only one card per Ace.
  • On designated tables, players may double down on any first two cards except blackjack.
  • Players must receive one card when doubling down.
  • Players must receive at least one card per hand when splitting pairs.
  • At designated tables, players may double down after splitting pairs, except on a soft total of 21.
  • Players may not double down after splitting Aces.
  • Management reserves the right to preclude a player from entering an active shoe.
  • A $.25 fee per hand will be collected before each round of play on any table with a $2 minimum wager.


Don't like your hand? Designated tables offer surrender, which allows you to quit play on your hand and receive half of your wager back. After the dealer confirms a non-blackjack hand, you may surrender prior to making any decisions on your hand.

Surrender House Rules

  • Players may elect to surrender on designated tables.
  • Players may surrender one-half of their wager when, after receiving their first two cards, the dealer verifies they do not have blackjack and announces their point total.
  • A player must elect to surrender before receiving additional cards. If a player indicates a play decision before verbally requesting a surrender, he or she may no longer elect to surrender.
  • Surrender will not be offered if the hole card reader becomes inoperable.

Over/Under 13®
Designated tables allow for Over/Under 13, which is a side bet allowing players to wager whether their first two cards will total over or under 13. All successful bets pay even money. If the first two cards total exactly 13, the wager is collected.

Over/Under 13 House Rules

  • Players may wager on either under 13 and/or over 13 on the point total of their first two cards. Aces count as one and face cards count as 10.
  • Winning Over/Under 13 bets are paid even money.
  • If the point total of the first two cards is 13, the wager is lost.
  • The minimum and maximum wagers are $2 and $25, respectively, and are not to exceed the original blackjack wager.

How to Play

The game begins with each player at the table being dealt two cards face up and the dealer receiving one card face down and one card face up. At this point, you may choose from a variety of actions.

For additional cards, place your index finger on the table near your wager and tap the table. You will receive an additional card, which is added to your total.

When you are satisfied with your point total, you may stop play by choosing to stand. To indicate your desire to stand, wave your hand, palm down, over the top of the table behind your betting area.

If you're dealt two cards with the same value (two 8s, for example), you can split the pair (that is, create two separate hands). The wager on each additional hand must equal your original wager. On designated tables you may re-split if you get another pair and continue the procedure up to three times. If splitting a pair of Aces, you will receive only one card on each Ace and automatically stand. Also, a split Ace cannot be used for a blackjack. Indicate a split to the dealer by placing the appropriate amount of chips next to the original bet in the betting circle.

Double Down
Doubling down allows you to place an additional wager next to your original bet after receiving your first two cards. You can wager any amount up to the total of your original bet. Simply place the additional chips next to your initial wager to indicate a double down. You will receive only one card and automatically stand. On designated tables, you may double down after a split hand. You cannot double down when you receive a blackjack or split Aces.

After all players have finished acting on their hands, the dealer reveals his or her down card and draws another card on any point total of less than 17 or on a soft 17. A soft 17 is an Ace and a '6', allowing the hand to be counted as either seven or 17. A hard 17 is a hand that can only be counted as 17, meaning the dealer must stand.

Winning bets are paid even money (1-to-1) with the exception of blackjack, which pays 3-to-2, and insurance, which pays 2-to-1. The dealer and the players' hands are compared. Wagers are collected from players whose hand total less than the dealer or more than 21. Players are paid 1-to-1 on hands totaling more than the dealer's hand.

If your first two cards total 21 (an Ace with a '10', Jack, Queen or King), you have a blackjack. A blackjack pays 3-to-2 on the original wager (for instance, a $10 bet pays $15). If the dealer has an Ace showing and offers the table insurance, the player(s) with a blackjack will be offered the option to take even money (1-to-1). Players with a blackjack who do not take even money will push on their bets if the dealer also has a blackjack, meaning the wager is not collected, nor is the bet paid.

When the dealer shows an Ace, players are offered insurance. An insurance wager is a bet that the dealer's down card will be a '10', Jack, Queen or King, giving the dealer a blackjack. You may wager up to half of your original bet on the insurance line. If the dealer has a blackjack, you will be paid 2-to-1 on your insurance wager. If the dealer does not have a blackjack, the insurance bet will be collected.

Before the game begins, each player at the table must place a wager. Bets are made with Mystic Lake Casino Hotel blackjack chips, which can be purchased from the dealer. All wagers are placed in the betting circle before the hand is dealt. Minimum wagers and betting limits are posted at each table.