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Mystic Lake

Check Cashing

Access to cash has never been easier!
Mystic Lake offers convenient check cashing for our guests through the VIP Preferred card from Global Payments. Global Payments is an industry-leading financial services company that provides secure, fast and comprehensive check cashing abilities to the gaming industry and beyond.

All you need is a VIP Preferred card to access fast and easy check cashing services at Mystic Lake. Once you enroll, simply present your card and a valid government-issued photo ID to the cashier and you’ll have your cash in seconds.

How do I enroll?
Present your valid photo ID and a blank personal check to the casino cashier and let them know you’d like to enroll as a VIP Preferred cardholder. The information you provide will not be shared or used for any other purpose. Processing will take just seconds, and when approved you’ll receive a VIP Preferred card for your immediate use.

How much can I cash?
Approved VIP Preferred cardholders are issued an account with a 10-day revolving limit that provides you with easy access to cash as long as your account remains in good standing. The amount of each transaction will be deducted from your available limit. For your future use, each transaction that clears the bank will be added back to your available limit within 10 days from the date of the withdrawal.

How do I cash a paper check?
To cash a paper check, simply present your VIP Preferred card, photo ID and paper check to the cashier and you’ll receive your cash in seconds.

Can I postdate my check?
No. The check will be cashed the same day. The VIP Preferred system does not hold checks for future dates.

How do I cash an e-check?
Once you have your permanent VIP Preferred card, you have the ability to cash an e-check. These transactions are fast, secure, and allow you to cash checks without bringing your checkbook! Simply present your VIP Preferred card and photo ID to the cashier and request an e-check transaction. The transaction will be approved in seconds and the cashier will give you a receipt to sign and provide you with your cash. The e-check transaction will be debited from your bank account in approximately one to two banking days.

How do I check my available limit?
Before writing a check or cashing an e-check transaction, present your VIP Preferred card and photo ID to the cashier and ask them to access your available limit.

What if I forgot my VIP Preferred card?
Simply present your photo ID to the cashier and explain you have forgotten your VIP Preferred card. They will then process an account inquiry and print a temporary card for your immediate use.