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Understanding Regular Game Payouts

Most regular session bingo games have payouts based on what package (Level 1, 2, 3, or Intro) is purchased. Payouts are split according to the prize level divided by the total number of bingos. For example, say during an evening session a game finishes with four winners—with one winner at each level. The Intro player would receive $38 ($150/4, rounded up), the Level 1 player would receive $75 ($300/4), the Level 2 player would receive $150 ($600/4), and the Level 3 player would receive $250.

Bingo Jackpots

Bingo sessions offer a wide variety of jackpots with different ways to win them. Jackpots can range anywhere from a few hundred dollars up to $150,000. You can find out the current bingo jackpot numbers and prizes by clicking here or by calling our bingo hotline at 952-496-7272


Purchasing Extras

Guests can purchase extra cards for jackpot games in two places. Extra cards or funds for electronic hand-held units may be purchased at the bingo sales counter prior to the session. Funds can be used to buy extra cards on your hand-held unit. Each session has a maximum number of cards allowed per game. See the session program for details.

Paper extras can be purchased from bingo floor clerks until the game begins. Paper extras are unlimited, but it is recommended that a player only purchase a number of cards he or she can comfortably play. The costs for extras are detailed in the session programs.


Sideboards—also called side packs—are additional 3-on cards that are played during specific regular session games. They can be purchased at the bingo sales counter. Sideboards can also be downloaded to an electronic hand-held unit. Sideboards are available in all package levels.

Paper Bingo vs. Electronic Bingo

Most bingo sessions can be played on either paper cards or on a hand-held electronic unit.

Paper Cards
Paper cards vary in color and sizes (six faces, three faces, one face—also known as 6-on, 3-on and 1-on). These paper cards are marked with an ink dauber during a bingo game.

Electronic Bingo
Electronic bingo is played on a hand-held device. The bingo cards are downloaded into the unit when it is purchased prior to the session. Bingo cards can also be purchased before a game starts if you have purchased funds at the bingo counter prior to the session. The hand-held unit is fully automated, daubing all cards appropriately and alerting the player when a bingo has been achieved.

How to Play Bingo

Conventional 75-number bingo (played at Mystic Lake) is a well known game. Players purchase bingo cards that typically have a grid of five horizontal rows and five vertical columns. The columns are labeled 'B' 'I' 'N' 'G' 'O' from left to right across the top of the vertical columns. Each card would typically have five numbers down each column and a center 'FREE SPACE' in the 'N' column. Bingo balls individually numbered 1 through 75 are mixed together and are randomly selected one at a time. As each ball is selected, the number (and letter) is announced to the players, who will mark or daub the corresponding number on their bingo cards with an ink dauber. When a player completes a predetermined pattern (arrangement) of covered numbers on a card (face), the player yells out "bingo!" Once the bingo card is verified as being valid, that player wins the game. Players will purchase bingo cards for use during a bingo session. A package of cards is typically required to play a bingo session. Winning players will receive a pre-announced cash or merchandise prize. Normally, a bingo session includes a number of individual bingo games with different winning patterns. The session will offer a number of regular games (part of the package) and some jackpot games.

Winning Bingo Patterns

Although most bingo games are won with straight-line bingos, there are several variations that can be played. The type of bingo that will be awarded is always announced prior to the game being played.

Bingo House Rules:

  1. It is the guests’ responsibility to yell “BINGO” loud enough for the caller to be alerted to stop the Bingo game before the next number is called and before the Bingo Caller utters any sound of the letter or number of the next bingo ball.
  2. You must have “Bingo” on the last number called.
  3. Bingo Flashboards are for the player’s convenience only. The number drawn is the official number.
  4. A dauber must be used to mark paper cards.
  5. Multiple winners split the prize money of the designated cash prize for the respective priced bingo card.
  6. All guests must purchase a package and have a valid admission receipt.
  7. ID must be shown in order to claim a prize. 
  8. Two forms of ID, Social Security number and valid admission receipt is required to claim a prize of $1,200 or larger. 
  9. The guest is responsible for taxes on prizes, when applicable. 
  10. We reserve the right to change the program without notice. 
  11. No refunds or exchanges are made for unused or unplayed, paper, specials or packages. 
  12. Payment of prizes is only valid with proper serial numbers sold on the day of the game.
  13. Admission is not refunded when a player is asked to leave by management. 
  14. Complaints or disputes should be directed to the floor manager, whose decision is final. 
  15. Only one Electronic Bingo Unit per guest, per session.
  16. Guests may purchase a paper package along with an Electronic Bingo unit.
  17. Mystic Bingo® reserves the right to limit the amount of cards offered on Electronic Bingo.
  18. Outside cards are not allowed unless approved by the Bingo manager.
  19. It is the player’s responsibility to sign and retain their valid admission receipt. Prize money will not be awarded without a valid signed admission receipt.
  20. Any malfunctions with the electronic units voids all play.
  21. All funds on the Electronic Bingo Units must be used for purchases or refunded no more than 30 minutes after the end of the session played or the funds are forfeited.  Funds will not carry over to the next session or business day.  Matinee sessions 1 and 2, Monday through Friday, are considered one session.  Unused funds will be paid in cash at the Bingo Paymaster area.
  22. Paper cards cannot be torn or separated.
  23. Guests may not use their own electronic or mobile aids to record or track purchased bingo cards or bingo numbers called.